Airedale & Wharfedale Autism Resource (AWARE) is a support group for families affected by autism, we produce a monthly newsletter, provide e-updates throughout the month and have a very active closed facebook page for members, we also hold parents meetings with knowledgeable speakers, regular socials and parent training courses, for the children/whole family do a weekly youth club, some play scheme days every holiday time (not every day); monthly Cookery Club and Trip Club for teenagers with autism; Moving on club for 18- 25s and residential short breaks for children 8-18 years. Many of our activities take place at Addingham Youth Centre, on the site of Addingham Primary School, Bolton Road, Addingham, LS29 0NR. We are open to any family whether their child has a formal diagnosis or not and from any area, however due to funding some of our services are only available to children from a particular authority. We ask families to join which is £14/year and this can be done on our website and payment made via paypal.

Contact Name: Jo Galasso, Project Coordinator
Address: 52 Chippendale Rise, Otley, Leeds LS21 2BJ
Telephone: Landline: 01943 466 543  Mobile: 07764 432 933