Purpose of Leeds CANN

Leeds CANN is formed of third sector, voluntary community and statutory organisations working with families and carers with children and young people with additional needs, in the Greater Leeds area of West Yorkshire.

It has been established so that Member Organisations can share best practice, resources, ideas and opportunities, in order to improve access to information, training and support for families and carers across the Leeds area and the region, and to help to create a more efficient and effective ‘market place’ to the benefit of all users of our services, and the organisations involved.

What Leeds CANN will do

The Leeds Children’s Additional Needs Network will:

  • Create a closed Facebook page solely for access by Member Organisations, which will create a platform for sharing of information, ideas and opportunities for joint working;
  • Create a Leeds CANN website which will act as a single entry point to access a wide range of information and ideas relevant to families of children with additional needs, and through that entry, access the websites of all Member Organisations;
  • Share ideas showing best practice between Member Organisations;
  • Share opportunities for single and joint events and activities, including information and training sessions;
  • Share information to advertise and cross promote services to respective organisations and the families they support;
  • Work with Health, Social Care & Education professionals to improve their understanding of the needs of families with children with additional need. Where appropriate, provide guidance and information to pass on to their clients/patients;
  • Review local needs regularly in line with national legislation and local initiatives and policy;